1st - 6th, September, 2024

Havana, Varadero, Cuba.



Early registration date

April 8th, 2024

About Havana

Havana is the capital and largest city of Cuba with a population around 2 million inhabitants which represent a fifth of the country’s population. This city was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century. Contemporary Havana can essentially be divided as Old Havana, current city center named Vedado and the newer growing districts. Old Havana was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. The city is noted for its history, culture, architecture and monuments.

About Varadero

For its part, Varadero is the best known tourist resort town of Cuba, ranked second among the best beaches in the world, according to the Travelers’ Choice 2022 Best of The Best selection, with more than 20 km of white sandy beaches placed in the Hicacos peninsula which is only 1.2 km wide in the north cost of the island around 100 km far away from the Havana city.

About Cuba’s culture

On the other hand, dance is intimately connected with Cuba’s culture and should be incorporated into any trip to this Caribbean island as well as cigars and rum are also huge in Cuba. For this reason, we are planning to join all these experiences with the TTP and “Bioticks” conferences of scientific excellence with the aim of achieving a wonderful experience for all our delegates.

About the logo

The isotypes as people represent a conference, in this case of scientists from different countries with different strategies and points of view that contribute with their research to a common goal, which is the control of ticks and tick-borne pathogens. The color shading on the tick is in correspondence with the color of each person in the circle, representing their contribution and the diagonal together with the circle of people form the sign “Anti” or “Non-universal”.